Thursday, March 2, 2017

Unpleasant Trip Preparing Day, Dental Work

Want to do some darkroom work or scanning today but not sure how much gumption I will have. Yesterday I had some minor dental surgery, the moving down of gums to allow for 2 gold crowns to be uploaded to my mouth next month (after everything heals). I tend to grind my teeth which which cracks my molars. This will be crowns 3 and 4, no cavities, no root canals but lots of molar crowns.

Yesterday was step 2 in a 5 step process to get this over and done with. I go back in 2 weeks to get some stitches removed then back in another 2 (different dentist) to start the crowning. Hate this sort of thing as most everyone does but it is a bit of necessary preventative maintenance. I wanted to make sure I did not end up having one of my molars break into pieces in Asia, which would screw up my documentary and film still shooting. Get it done now that I am in Canada, and I should have smooth sailing in Thai, at least tooth wise.

Note* A damn strange sensation to have 4 hands in, above, around your mouth, a number dental tools holding your tongue down, upper lip up and then the grinding with the smell of smoke in the air at the same time!! (Think the dentist was grinding some bone down). Glad I do not have to do that everyday. I think I would hate his job, looking into peoples often dirty mouths everyday of your life. Great money, and your helping folks etc but I do not think I would want it. Glad we have people that want to do that thou, they helped me today and did professional, quality work in a friendly competent manner.