Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gallery Levels

Been going over in my head the levels of Galleries, something I made up.

A) World Class: These museums are the best in the world, almost impossible for a person like me to even think of being shown in.

-The Museum of Modern Art (New York) MOMA
- The Tate Modern (London)
- National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa)
- San Francisco Museum of Fine Art (San Francisco)
B) 1st Class Museums/Galleries: These museums/galleries are much more numerous, going from the the hundreds possibly thousands world wide. I believe with extreme hard work and dedication being shown in places like this might be possible. Maybe some day before I die I can get in.

- Alberta Gallery of Art (Edmonton) AGA
- Vancouver Gallery of Art (Vancouver) VAG

C) 2nd Class. The start of the alphabet soup acronym galleries. This level of gallery numbers in the 10s of thousands woldwide/ They are difficult to get into but are smaller in scope and size. I have started to get into some of these places. Hopefully in the next few years my acronym gallery acceptance rate and exhbitions will climb.

- Art Gallery of St. Albert (where my next show will be) (St. Albert Alberta) AGSA
- Red Deer Museum (higher C level)
- Southern Art Gallery (SAAG)
- Nanaimo Art Gallery
- Visual Arts Alberta (VAA)

D) These gallery places  can be very nice but are limited in their scope. They are often run by devoted hard working folks who simply love art.

- KAASA (Jubilee Auditorium) (Edmonton Alberta)
- Rosebuds Akokiniskway Gallery
- Larry Louie Gallery
- McMullen Gallery (Edmonton University Hospital)

E)  Coffee shops, restaurants etc that hang art on their walls (kinda). A good place to start out, I sort of missed out of this level and jumped to D at the beginning.

Note* Of all the places I would like to get into, I hope to have at least one print show at the National Gallery of Canada before I die, that is the dream!