Monday, March 20, 2017

Sweet But Sad

Spent a sweet but sad morning in the darkroom working on a difficult photograph of my dads body in in his hospital bed, moments after his passing. Before work today I did 3 hours in the darkroom printing the 35mm negative to 20x24 inches. Ended up doing prints 2 through 5. I think I got it but we will have to see after the secondary printing, bleaching and toning phase.

All through today's work I listened to a 6 LP album set of Nat King Cole love songs which helped sweeten the mood. I kept thinking back to dad through out the session. He basically paid for the darkroom I am now using, it was his gift to me, now I am using it to print a large photograph of his body. I remember one day months before dad died I thanked him again, it was a heartfelt, tearful thank you for the darkroom. He simply looked at me with softness and compassion and said "Your Welcome". I can still remember the look in his eyes when he said that to me. Now 2 years after dads death I work towards telling the story of his last year in the darkroom gift he gave to me.