Thursday, March 30, 2017

Photo Idea: Sex Worker, Name-Face-Story

Have an idea for a photo series. A book? An exhibition? Not sure just yet.

 Here is the thought:

A series of portraits done of women who work in the sex scene in Asia. Bar? Brothel? Who knows? It could conceivably be a number of different job sites. The common denominator would be that the worker works in the sex scene of Asia. I would do either a head portrait or an environmental portrait of some kind. Then do an audio interview (recorded) using my new sound gear (for the film). The book and or exhibition would include a  strong portrait along with a interview into the backstory of the worker. The idea of course would be to humanize her as much as possible. To understand where she was coming from, why she was in the life she was.

Possible titles could be related to the type of place she worked in.

- GoGo Girl
- Brothel Worker
- Blowjob Bar Girl/Worker
- Sex Massage Worker
- Street Worker

That sort of thing.

Note: With audio recordings of each worker, I could conceivably include a snippet of that voice recording  AUDIO next to the mounted portrait in the gallery. Possibly using a wall mounted MP3 player with headphones. Imagine how strong the documentary art work would be for the viewer, having a portrait to look at and the compelling voice of that same person speaking to you.  It would once again humanize things to an extreme. A combo of strong portrait and passionate audio, could create an very effective statement of these desperate and difficult often very sad lives.