Friday, March 31, 2017

Big Clothing Buy

I bought 2 pairs of loose fitting pants and 4 UV (40) protected long sleeve shirts. I also got me a big ass ugly brown hat that I can wear to protect the top of my ears, more of my face and the back of my neck from the sun. The doctor recommended that kind of protection so I decided to go with it.

All clothing gets pretty used up pretty fast in the extremes of the dump. I do daily washing on pretty much everything so all that washing off of all that collected dirt, takes it toll! With these recent purchases, plus all my older clothing, underwear etc. I should be set. Every piece of clothing is made of quick drying materials which allows me to wash things in my hotel rooms toilet sink and then hang to dry for next day use if needed.''

Everything is coming together nicely, I got all my film making gear, my photography gear, and almost all my film. Now that the clothing is done, not sure what else I need to buy. It should be mostly saving now and getting into better physical shape.

Update* I might try to get a better quality pair of sunglasses at some point.
Update** I bought a used ($14  USD) Iron-man Timex watch earlier this week on eBay, so hopefully that will work for me in Asia as well.