Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Last Rolls Develped, Stupid Error

Developed my last 14 120mm rolls from the last trip tonight. That is it, all the film is developed. Mad at myself, I made a bone head mistake which cost me one of the films. Was developing tonight's lot in the biggest Patterson tanks (8-35mm or 5-120mm per tank) and did not put enough developer in the tank, causing a streak of undeveloped film on one top edge of the roll. I might be able to salvage a neg or 2 with some imaginative printing but what a stupid play on my part. I know better than that, I saw the problem and put in extra developer but not enough, amateur time from Gerry. I have been developing film for 38 years, you would think I could do it by now. As bad luck would have it, it was one of the important rolls from the dump. Fucked up bad there! Let my subjects the people of the dump, down again. One picture of a young girl fishing might have been important, it is gone now, thou I  could probably manipulate it digitally to get something (background is where the undeveloped film damage is). Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Will scan what I got on the good films over the next few days and post them here. I will have no new Asia film to develop now until around May/June 2018.