Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Links: Bits And Bites

- Just sent a couple of emails today to the people in charge of the "Canadian Photography Institute" at the "National Gallery of Canada". Basically asked them for advice on getting my photography collected and seen on a national level. Hopefully they will make some suggestions I can follow up on.

- Earlier today got an email from one of my submissions. The submission recepient is going to forward the work to a larger gallery in British Columbia. I guess that gallery is going to do a show on Karen art/artists. Since the Karen people are the main ethnic group in the Mae Sot garbage dump my photos might fit into a larger theme. I hope there is a connection there that works for the curator of the gallery. I hope it leads to a an eventual show. I so desperately want to show "Families of the Dump" pictures. The Karen people are so beautiful and kind, their stories need to be told as often and as large as possible.

- Tonight during my nightshift I will continue to work on my show magazine pictures. That is coming along. I have plenty of photos to use the problem is not all the images I love are scanned to the proper size and to find (I have film binders everywhere in my home) and scan the negs is a time consuming nightmare.

- I also contacted and got info from a person in charge of a great grant. It is a $5000 dollar grant that can be used towards the publishing of a photography book. The grant is a result of Edward Burtynsky's kindness and generosity. I will probably make an attempt there, thou it would be the longest of long shots to be accepted. But just imagine, my lifetime dream of a photo book could be realized. How exciting is that!