Friday, March 17, 2017

Dad Death Photo

Tough photograph to print today, but it needs to be done for the exhibition, so I am doing it.

I was with my father when he died. I had been making some photos with 5x7 camera quietly trying not to disturb his sleep, when he passed. At the point I made this photo with a 35mm Leica I guessed he had left us but was still unsure. After making the photograph I felt his face which was cool/cold, then his chest stomach which was still hot. Dad must have died in his sleep shortly before I arrived to photograph him that day or while I was photographing him.

I spent some time alone with him, kissed him, said goodbye, then called my mom who was taking a nap. My fathers last words to mom where "I am going to sleep."

This will most likely be the last image in the "Healing Process" exhibition (the 5th photo I have made, will do 7). The photograph is a vertical shot, on 35mm Tri-x negative, printed on Ilford warmtone 20x24 paper. Exposure is at 210 seconds f4 with dodging on the face and blanket. I used a mask to burn in the pillows and other white areas for 200 seconds at f2.8, the filter is a 2.5.

Note* Before my father died I asked him if it would be OK to photograph his body, and he said it would be.

My first attempt at dad death photograph