Thursday, March 16, 2017

Karma? Very Strange Event Today

I had a very strange event happen today. At 745 am I came to realize my garage had been broken into. I went out and the man door was locked but the large overhead car door was open. I went to check what had been stolen. A bag of books I had stored there was open and on the ground, my film in the freezer  was safe but my beautiful new bike, the one I bought late last year to replace my old stolen bike was gone! Another bike gone, how f-cking depressing!! Two stolen bikes in 1 year and a bit. I was going to use it soon to get into good shape for my coming LEAVE to help with weight loss etc. How depressing,  I was so down.

I locked up the garage again and spent my morning trying to find the bike receipt so that I could make an insurance claim (loosing $1000 in the deductible). I started to fill out the online police report but had to stop because I could not find the purchase receipt for the bike. I called the store I bought it at and they told me they could reprint my bike info, serial number etc. So depressing!

So I spent a sad morning, later I went into the darkroom and screwed up the bleaching on a photo of my father, then might have over toned another print (not sure on that). So an all round shitty morning. I had a dental appointment at 3 pm so went out to my re-locked garage at 150 pm. I opened the garage man door then went to the back sidewalk gate to enter the garage through the overhead car door. I start to open the rear gate but then saw a bike, a black bike with green striping leaning up against my rear driveway fence. I looked at it, and thought "A bike", then I closed my eyes, opened them to take a second look "Wait a minute, that is MY BIKE!" "What? How? Why?" I was floored! I could not believe my eyes. I sort of stood there dumbfounded, not sure what to do. The thief had stolen my bike then returned it a few hours later! I had been in the garage at 10 am looking for damage  to the car/garage and looking for more stolen items and there was no bike on the fence. Then at 1:50 pm there it was leaning on the rear fence!!

What a totally bizarre thing! I put the bike in the garage again, then went out to the dentist. Afterwards I went to Home Depot and bought a better padlock for the man door, a C clamp to use as an extra lock for the overhead garage door and a big strong metal lock for the bike. The 2 garage doors are now extra secured and the bike is now locked down inside the garage.

What happened today? I have no idea. Could this be a karma thing? I did some good work for others in Asia over the last few years and now the good gods of karma are rewarding me? Did the thief have a guilty conscience? What a strange event. I am very happy I still have my bike and I can start riding it very soon, preparing for Thailand. Like John Lennon wrote, "You don't know what you got until you lose it!" (I think he was talking about Yoko, but heck it works for my Trek mountain bike also :)).

A strange day.