Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Painful Dentist Day

Did the tooth grinding on 2 of my rear right molars preparing them for crowns today, PAINFUL. I had to get my mouth frozen 3 times as it kept hurting when they drilled . The dentist and his staff did an excellent job, it was hard for them and me today. The day was difficult, not one I want to repeat anytime soon. Am now in a fair amount of pain, am icing my cheek-jaw. I have not taken any pain killer pills, trying to tough it out and not do that. Those type of pills not too good for you, if you take them too often.

Wanted to get the crowns put in before I go back to Thai. When in Thailand I want to concentrate on my picture-film making. I have one more step to do in 2 weeks, putting the final crowns in. Now I have a temporary plastic crown, which feels rather weird.

After I get the final crowns, there is a 15% chance I will need to get a root canal. That is if the teeth do not settle down and I have pain. I really hope I do not have to do that, want to keep the roots of my molars alive and sending blood. Also am tired of paying money in this 5 step process. I need to save funds for Thailand, 6 months is a long trip.

Here is how this crown thingy ran down:

- dental appointment to assess and educate about the gum surgery
- gum surgery to expose a filling
- removal of rubber bandage, stitches
- grinding down of molars (today/s thing)
- putting on the final crowns (in 2 weeks)

I wonder how much work the people in the dump need on their mouths? So many people I photograph there, especially middle aged and older men are missing teeth. Do they ever get a chance to see a dentist, never visiting a dentist in your life, has to take its toll on you.

Should do some darkroom work on my exhibition prints tonight, but do feel much like it. Maybe tomorrow day-night, I hope!