Sunday, March 19, 2017

Taught The Darkroom Workshop

Taught the darkroom workshop today which went fairly well. The class lasted almost 5 hours. I usually put it down to 4 hours but today wanted to give the talented new photographer more time. We even made a basic fiber print at the end. Pulled in $140 today and  $300 yesterday,  All that money will go towards film.

Am back to work in the guardhouse tomorrow, going to try to do on dads death photo tonight. Maybe will make up 2 or 3 more versions. I can do the secondary printing of it next week off. The exhibition prints are coming along on schedule and will be ready for the hanging and opening August 3.

Note* These workshops are lots of work for me (too much talking!) I think I need to raise the rates yet again.

- Basic darkroom from $140 to $160 maybe $180
- Advanced darkroom $180 to $200 maybe $220
- Basic View camera $ 150 to $170 maybe $190