Saturday, March 4, 2017

I Know You And Your Work!

Had a weird ass experience at the Art Gallery of Alberta today. I was talking to one of the staff who was very helpful and knowledgeable. We started jabbering on about different photos in the exhibit and the way they were made etc. The staff member Daniel taught me a bit on how some of the stuff was done, we speculated on the some other possible ways the work was created (a 360 degree pinhole camera photograph).  We had a nice little talk and visit. I thanked him and on a whim gave him my card telling him to check out my blog. Now most times when I do that people have no idea about my photography they politely accept the card and that's it, end of story. Today thou Daniel said "I know you and your work!" Gosh that was surprising, really? How? Turns out he formally worked at the Art Gallery of St. Albert (AGSA is my next exhibition location) when I made my submissions there a while back, "Families of the Dump" and "My Fathers Last Days".  I made those submissions maybe 7-9 months ago, and he still remembered the name YAUM?  Maybe he also knew me and the photographs from this blog, YouTube channel etc. He never completely explained things, I did not recognize his face from the AGSA.

Found that all rather surprising. Maybe bit by bit in a small way the work and (fake) name is being recognized locally. It was a weird ass rather shocking thing to be KNOWN by a stranger at a prestigious caller like the Art Gallery of Alberta. What happened today, this "being known thingy" might be the first time this has happened to me, live and in person.