Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Biking And Other Health Stuff

Went down to the doctors office for a check up, everything seems fine. I am going to have my regular blood work done next week off but if that is OK then there are no problems or issues. I was worried about my blood pressure going in but it seems acceptable, hopefully with the continued weight loss and watching my salt intake it will continue to fall farther into the better zones. Today my doctor told me I was going about the weight loss thing perfectly. He said 1 pound a week was a great number to attempt, and that the style of weight loss I was attempting was called calorie counting

This evening I took my resurrected un-stolen mountain bike out of the garage and pumped up the tires, and attached a bag to the front. I then then did a quick ride in the neighborhood. Loads of fun!! Will take the bike out tomorrow on a long trip to Larry's house in the river valley, then we will go the to the AGA gallery in his car. Biking and art (photography), should be a great day.

I plan on riding the bike a lot this spring/summer/fall.  I want and need to get into as good of shape as I can before the coming trip. The doctor said I was only slightly overweight for my age, height, I will work on the weight and my wind for the next 5 months or so. Am 239 pounds today (doctors scale), if I can get down to 215-220 by the time I get on the plane to Thailand, that would be quite nice. After only a months weight loss effort, I feel improved, things are definitely moving in the right direction. I got to keep motivating myself to improve my physical condition. "It is for the photos Gerry!", "It is for the film Gerry!"