Thursday, March 9, 2017

Email: Artist Talk Money Plan

Not sure the artist talk at the AGSA will happen or not, if it does I have a way to spend the earnings in a positive manner. I wrote about this idea a while back but today I exchanged an email with the curator of the gallery and thought I would post it here. We all can help the world in so many ways if he make small gifts like this. Here is the email:

Yes OK -----, thanks no problem. If you make the talk work that sounds great, if not that's no problem as well.

Since I believe this talk is paid (depending on your budget). I thought of a positive way to spend that same money. My father always worried about children, it something through our lifetime together he always commented on. He took great care of my sister and I growing up, we never lacked anything. He would also worry whenever he saw a child in real life, or on the television who was suffering in anyway. Dad would always comment on it, "poor boy, poor girl!" ...."Why doesn't his parents take care of him?" My father had a very difficult childhood so I think that affected the way he thought of children his whole life. He always wanted them to have the best, something he never had growing up.

My thinking was to donate the money from the talk to the children living in the garbage dump in Thailand (my other photo project).

I can donate the money earned to their school tuition fees. I thought that would be the best way to handle things, dad would like that. I could speak about dad/myself the making the pictures as part of "Healing Process' then use the money from the talk to help children. The idea seems so right to me, it would allow my father to help those he worried about his whole life.

Anyway, this email was not meant to influence or put pressure on you, just a plan I came up with a few days back. If the talk does not happen, that is fine also, will figure out some other way to do the same thing. I go to Thailand for 6 months soon after the ending of the AGSA show (October 2017), so the donation idea seems to be sort of a fate thing, the proper flow of karma.
Thanks as always Gerry.