Sunday, March 26, 2017

2000 Calories A Day

Am making an attempt to lose 25lbs before I go to Asia. The idea is to over a 6 month period lose 1 pound a week. 24 weeks at one pound a week is about 25 pounds. I have cut my calorie intake to around 2000 or or less per day. Did an online test which said that I was probably consuming about 2800 calories a day and to lose weight I needed to cut down to 2300. I figured I could handle 2000 so went for that.

Am doing little or no exercise yet but I plan to start riding my new resurrected unstolen bike when the weather clears. Early spring seems to be here in Edmotnon alreaday so if that holds I will go riding next week. I plan to combine riding, swimming (a bit) and the 2000 a day calorie count for the entire time I have left before Thai. If I can drop 25 pounds then I will have that much less to lug around on my soon to be 53 year old body. Less weight will make for better and more sustained photography and film making in the brutal heat and humidity of Thailand. So it is a simple goal, lose weight and get in better shape for your photograhic/film trip Gerry!

I started all of this almost a month ago and there has been some weight loss already. I feel lighter on my feet and more mobile. I am hungry quite often. I am trying to eat good healthy filling foods with limited calories. Small meals more often, is also a strategy I am employing. So far so good, hopefully I can keep it up. I keep thinking to myself, this is for good pictures, stay disciplined! No do not eat that! Will see what happens.

When I spend extended time in Asia I almost always lose weight. A change in diet, sweating and working constantly in the hot sun does that to a person. I could potentially be down 40 or so pountds (compared to my last months weight) on my return to Canada after the leave. That would be nice!

Gosh am hungry, better have my 647pm breakfast! (been working security nights all week).