Thursday, March 30, 2017

Got My Stanley Fatmax Box

Got the Stanley box delivered from Amazon today.
Blog entry about the Stanley Box with pictures

The unit it quite a bit smaller than I expected but still quite use-sable. I managed to get "Eddie" my 8x10 Deardorff in it, a Pentax spot meter, 250 mm f6.7 Fujinon lens with lens board. 2 cable releases, focusing loop, dark cloth and 7 8x10 film holders (with room for maybe 2-3 more) into the box.

I think for a cheaper item this unit will be quite useful. Will take it with me in the van when I go camping later this year. Am also considering buying the larger $130 version the worker at my job site was using. That unit might work well with my larger 11x14 gear, or if I want to carry more holders, lens etc. for my 8x10 gear.