Friday, March 24, 2017

Are My Favourite Images From 35mm Negs?

Looking back at the pages I have done for my exhibition magazine, the 35s stand out to me. I think I my favourites are the Tri-x 35mm captures. There is a rawness, contrast, grain in those pics that help tell a story very effectively. In combination with my gifted (thanks Jack) Durst condenser enlarger, bleach and toning you can make some damn effective, even strong and powerful, photographs. No wonder my two idols, W. Eugene Smith and Sebastiao Salgado used 35mm so effectively to tell their stories.

Lately in my photographic work I have been pushing away my 35mm gear in favour of cameras like the Rolleiflex and 5x7 Linhof. I need to get back to my roots and shoot the smaller cameras to death my next trip, I have a ton of bulk 35mm Tri-x in my freezers, time to use some of it up!

Here is a group of recent 35mm Tri-x scanned magazine images I like.