Sunday, March 5, 2017

MORE Last Scans From Last Thai Trip

Here is the final selection of scanned 120mm negs from the last trip.

Young boxer Klong Toey slum gym, Bangkok Thailand 2016
Old man in his dump home, Mae Sot Thailand 2016
Young girl dressed up in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand 2016
This next photograph of a hard working family father I probably cannot print traditionally in a darkroom as it is extremely back lit, and would need heavy duty contrast enhancement that I can only get in photoshop. Like the image thou, so thought I would post it. Might try more of this in the future without the back lighting issue.

Father of dump family, Mae Sot Thailand 2016
Young boy from migrant family, Bangkok Thailand 2016
Young boy sleeping in the garbage dump, Mae Sot Thailand 2016