Monday, March 20, 2017

My Bulk Film Has Arrived!

I found a box containing my bulk 35mm Tr-x film on my front door steps today. The box contained 5 bulk canisters of film, 500 feet. What joys and wonders will be captured on that emulsion? What memories and stories will be told? It is all so exciting.

After working on the dad photos for the coming AGSA show, all from 35mm negs. Going back to Asia and shooting a bunch more 35mm Tri-x fills me with excitement. I remember when I told a former acquaintance about the importance of buying film over spending the money on social club functions. He did not get it, I tried to explain why film was more important. I guess most people do not get my need to buy film. How do you explain something like that to a person who does not have the passion, the same drive to make pictures? I guess that is the way most things are, I cannot understand the need for a new SUV when your old one works fine, a new house when the old will do, or a bottle of scotch with a pack of cigs. That shit always seems so wasteful to me. I guess from the people who spend (waste) money that way buying film is wrong.

To each his own! I am just happy to have more film to shoot. I will be entering more lives, telling more stories, and making more prints.

Ain't Photography Grand!!

Note* A good chunk of this film buy (not all) was paid for by my weekend of teaching workshops.