Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tonight's Framing

Feel rather shitty tonight, am getting less and less sleep before my night shifts. I need to finish off the flattening, spotting, matting and framing by Sunday night. I want to take down the finished prints to the gallery on Tuesday. The NAIT students come Thursday and the opening reception is Saturday. If can get everything hung and ready to go by Tuesday, I will have a few days to work on my artist talk. Everything seems to be on schedule, but it's tiring.

Here is tonight's framing.

1) A replacement photo for the "Families of the Dump" exhibit. I managed to print this rather difficult negative quite easily. The picture I am going to show is #2 of only 3 that I made. I made pictures of this young girl many times. She got used to me and always had such wonderful experessions, I felt her eyes were especially thoughtful. Growing up in this world, what kind of future can she hope for?  I gave the girls mother a food package including rice early on, later the mother showed me some rice in the palm of her hand, asking for more. I brought them a second bag the next day.

I will try to sell this print in the Alberta art acquisition buy. If I make any money, I will donate it back to the families.

Young girl resting on a hammock "Families of the Dump", Mae Sot Thailand 2013
2) Print number #5 for the "Dads Last Days" exhibit.

Dad on sofa summer of 2014, Canada