Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Child Leaning Against Hammock" Print

After several hours of tests and mask making this is my first attempt at a final print. With the next version I will darken both the right and left lower corner sections further as well as the background workers somewhat. I will also try a version with a 1/2 grade higher contrast on the child.

I have 2 masks, 2 contrast grades, multiple big burns, one small burn and one big dodge in this print. As my printing skills improve these things are getting easier to handle. I am also back to using my main paper Ilford FB warm tone, which is quite comforting. Simplification leads to confident creation.

I think this might be one of better photographs in the show. I am glad I eventually got round to printing it. I think I was a scared by the negative before but now it seems not as intimidating. I remember way back to when I shot it. I thought by exposing for the shadows in the foreground where my subject was the background was going to be a bitch to print. There must have been 3 or 4  maybe 5 stops more light on the background dump area. It is not as hard a neg to make as I thought it would be. Here are some quick digi shots I just took as the print lay in the fix. Now on to version 2-3-4!

Update* I ended doing 2 more versions 1 with 3 contrast filters (the first time I have ever used 3 in a print). There were 13 steps involved in the last 2 prints. I will wash them, let them dry then after my sleep see where they stand. I will probably make at least 2 more versions tonight. Then it will be on to secondary processing of all remaining exhibition photographs. Next week at work I want to do the final spotting, matting and framing. Then 2 days before the NAIT students arrive for the talk I will put everything into the gallery.

Note* The contrast filters used were #3, #2 1/2 and #-1 for the mask burning.

First attempt child leaning against hammock, Mae Sot Thailand garbage dump  2013
Detail child learning against hammock