Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dad Dream

Had another dad dream. In this one like some in the past dad was happy and walking again. He even jumped down off the back of a car and maintained his balance. I do not remember much else, except that I hugged and told him he was a great example for me.

I will probably continue to have dreams of dad for the rest of my life. Today is better than dream stuff, I get to talk to the real man, am going to go visit him before work. Yesterday before work I told him I would have 8 photos of him in his part of the show (1 more than before). That we were expecting 100 or more guests and that there might be a CBC radio interview. He was happy to hear all of that stuff.

Mom is going to rent him a hospital style bed for the house, which will make life a bit easier and more pleasant for my father. It should come sometime next week, I need to clear a space for it across from the TV. Tuesday when the exhibition is completely hung and waiting for the guests, I can finally relax and spend more time with dad, am looking forward to that.

One interesting thing I have noticed with all my visits to dad this year. When I arrive I usually meet mom first, I can tell by the tone of her voice immediately if dad has had a good or bad day. Moms mood tells me everything before I meet dad. If she is down, if her voice sad, unsure then dad had a bad day, if she smiles and speaks with some joy in her tone, dad had a good day. I guess that's what happens when you have a happy 57 year marriage,  most everything is connected to that other persons well being.