Sunday, January 25, 2015

High End Digi Point And Shoot?

I misplaced the small point and shoot camera I used in the dump in 2013. The camera was a great friend maker as many of the pics I made with it I gave to the people for free. If I cannot find the camera I will forced to buy another. This got me thinking.

Why not buy the best digi, the highest megapixel point on shooter on the market. I can then use it for 2 purposes, one to give away free photos in places like the dump, and two I can use it to do some serious photography. One of the problems you face when your photographing in the bar world of Southeast Asia is that folks are afraid of cameras, but a point and shoot? Why be afraid of that? Everyone has one of them! Of course it will not be a good a camera as my Leica's or my Canon Mark II but it will produce good enough quality images and more importantly it might allow me to shoot in places I would not normally be able to make pictures.

Something to think about, I can possibly kill two birds with one stone (thats a strange expression, who invented that one?). I still want to produce something important to for the gallery in Bangkok, this idea could lead down that road. Doing the work digital would also allow me to do all the printing and framing in Thai which would greatly lower costs.