Friday, January 30, 2015

Big Turn Out Expected For "Living on the Margins" Opening Reception, 100 Plus?

As with everything Larry and his wife Joanna put together this opening reception is going to be a first class event with an overflowing amount people attending. They do everything to the highest level, all the time, it's great to be a part of this. To be included in the flow of this thing is sort of dream like for me. When your a B type person seeing what a couple of A+ types can do, what they can create together, is rather amazing.

We are expecting a BIG turnout. On Larry's end there are 80 confirmed, possibly more attending. Luckily on my end not so much. I invited quite a few people but most will not attend. I probably invited 25 photography club people alone, but most of those folks do not attend photo shows or support photography in Edmonton (not sure why). I also invited some work colleagues plus a few relatives and general friends. I tried inviting some local art folks from the Alberta Gallery of Art, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts. The Edmonton Art Council, Visual Arts Alberta etc but doubt many of those folks will attend. Even with all those invites my confirmed attending end will probably be  30-35 folks. Still counting everyone along with the the open event call that's in the "Exposure Photography Festival" magazine we are talking upwards of 100 confirmed guests, with possibly another 20-40 maybes.

Next Saturday night the gallery should be rocking!!