Monday, January 26, 2015

Links: "Exposure Photography Festival" Exhibition Magazines PDF

Got word from Larry today that the "Exposure Photography Festival" exhibition hard copy magazines have arrived. I will pick up a bunch of copies as soon as I can and help distribute them around. Hopefully Exposure will become a regular part of Edmonton's art scene.

I am having trouble as usual getting much of a response from any photo club folks in regards to promoting photography in Edmonton. Hopefully a few of these cats will turn up for the opening night when all the big wigs from Exposure in Calgary are in town. Sometimes the indiference from so many folks, even supposed lovers of photography to help promote Edmonton's photo scene is frustrating. It gets tiring to fight for something others could care less about and are indifferent to.

Here are links to the "Exposure 2015" magazine and the "Exposure Photography Festival" site.