Thursday, January 29, 2015

Final 3 Exhibition Photographs Framed

Here are the final 3 images for the Exposure Photography Festival, "Living on the Margins" exhibition. These 3 will make a total of 8 dad photographs, I might only be able to show 7 but thought having 8 was a good idea. The exhibition will be 7 or 8 "Dads Last Days" photos and 15 "Families of the Dump" photos (one an enlarged contact sheet). A total of 23 prints completed! Many challenges, lots of work, plenty of rewards, glad it's done, now I can rest a bit.

I will complete hanging the shows on Tuesday, 2 days ahead of the NAIT talk and 4 days ahead of the opening reception. Nicely timed!

Note* The center (print #7) square format portrait of dad is in the photo style I was thinking of using for the "Lost Innocence" brothel worker series. That pic was made with a blad, 80mm lens, extension tube and dedicated ringflash, with Tri-x.

Prints #6, #7 and #8 of "Dads Last Days" Series