Monday, January 26, 2015

Secondary Printing On Last Of Show Prints

Tonight I decided to jump directly into the secondary printing process since I have so much to do and this is one of the last off work days I have to do it in. I just counted my prints and I need to do at least 3-12 print cycles of bleaching and toning tonight. These photos are made on a mixed bag of fibre papers so its a bit of guess work on my part. The stuff I did on Ilford warm tone should be easy to handle, the other images are touchy to work with.  I have limited pre knowledge on what is likely to happen when I attack the paper with bleach (how much bleach? how fast will it work?) and selenium toner (what dilution works best for how long?).

I might have to do more printing possibly on my coming work week after 12 hour night shifts which is very hard (got me sick last time when I tried it). Still the work needs to be done, no excuses. Sacrifice and hard work usually leads to good things. Overall I think I am sitting quite comfortably. I am replacing one families print and need 5 dad prints completed by February 5 when the students come for the talk. I am well on my way to achieving those goals.

Doing the secondary printing now along with washing, drying and flattening will allow me to see exactly where I am in the process. I am taking my mat cutter and frames plus some board to work this week. I need to cut at least 5 mats maybe more. I only have 2 prints of that final "Families of the Dump" negative so will probably have to go there again. I still have the negative in the enlarger and all the printing instructions so I should be able to get out 2 or 3 prints in a couple hours if needed.

Now a quick bite then its 6-10 hours or so of darkroom work.