Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2 More Framed Dad Show Prints

Here are two framed and matted prints I will put into the "Dads Last Days" part of the coming exhibition. I brought white mat board not my normal off white to work today so cut the over mats with that style board. I think it suits the cooler tone classic Ilford fibre paper I used. I will probably leave this color mat in for these 2 pics only, the rest will be off white, hope that looks OK. I now have 4 of 8 dad show prints completed.

The mats are getting much easier to cut. I am actually getting quite good at it. It's partially because I bought quality mat cutting equipment to work with but mostly because I have just been cutting lots of mats. With 5 larger shows over the last 4 years, I have gotten closer to perfecting my cutting and measureing techniques. Like anything else, familiarity with your tools and lots of work leads to a higher quality product. Less over cuts, less crooked cuts, less corner tears, practise practise practise, makes perfect.

Dad soon after finding out he had cancer, around April 2014