Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tonights Work

I put in quite a few hours on 2 dad photographs for the coming show last night. I think both photos will be used so it was a good printing session for me. I am getting to really love prints made with, 35mm Tri-x, a sharp condenser enlarger, bleach and higher contrast filters. The look is so unique so powerful. It creates something so unique so different than digi photos.

I think if I had to choose one format to use the rest of my life it was be 35mm Tri-x with the Leica's. The blad is nice to shoot and some of the wackier things I make photos with like the Banarama 4x5 with flash and the Hasselblad 35mm panoramic are fun but they do not have the same power as the Leicas and straight 35. The only thing that might compete for me at present is my Linhof view camera (4x5) with Tri-x. Still if I had to choose it would probably be the Leica's and Tri-x. No wonder the photographers I admire most, Salgado, Eugene Smith, Larry Clark all worked that way. There is something truly powerful in this method of creating photographs.

Here are some snaps of the 2 photos I worked on today. Both were shot with Leica's and Tri-x at 800ASA and given stand development.

Dad on bed 21mm F2.8 lens
 First attempt dad head down 28mm F2 lens