Wednesday, December 28, 2016

6 Month Leave Progress?

I am trying for a 6 month LEAVE from work to make the documentary dump film. Am not sure what will happen as of yet, mulitple people have to agree to it. I have 3 different bosses, my site boss, my security supervisor and my security company that I need to get an OK from. I contacted my site boss and he told me that he needs to check with his boss, the GM of the plant. So I will now need to get clearance from 4 different people.

I have emailed both my site boss and my site supervisor. My site boss will speak to the plants GM soon about my LEAVE request. I get along well with the GM of the plant I work Security for, he is a nice friendly guy so I am optimistic this actually might happen. If I can get a 6 months LEAVE it would allow me the time to make my film the right way. If I cannot get 6 months then 3 or 4 months might be a possibility.

I will have to work whatever time I do get off around my August 17th exhibition at the AGSA. This is all all so complicated!!!! Hope, Hope, it all works out!