Sunday, December 18, 2016

10 Voices Exhibition-Submission Info From VAA At The Jubilee Auditorium

Found this tonight, looks to be an adapted form of the Open Alberta Photo competition. This time they are only accepting 10 people which probably means each person will show 2-4 images. Should be a more refined view of things than exhibitions with larger numbers of contitributers. You can submit 3-6 images at NO COST (I do not enter money grabbing submission processes). The VAA allows email submissions which are way easier, faster and just as effective to do, love them!

All of you out there who are interested, please join in.
VAA 10 Voices Submission Link
PDF Submission Form

Note* I think there is a typo in the VAAA listing. The exhibtion is listed as 2017, the exhibiton times being in August and October of 2017 but the deadline for submissions has a April 21 2016 (?) deadline. I will email them to confirm this is a mistake, the deadline must be April 2017 for the later in the year exhibitions. That makes more sense. The PDF submission form seems to have the right deadline date of April 21 2017.
Note** For you people worldwide who follow the blog, sorry this is only a Alberta, Canada thingy. 

From the VAA site:

Alberta | Call for Submissions: Ten Voices 2017 Photographic and Digital Works
Ten Albertan artists, working in photographic and digital media, will be selected to represent a cross-section of the approach that our Province’s artistic minds are taking as they embrace and usew these rapidly-evolving technologies. These works will be shown in Calgary and Edmonton.
We invite all Alberta artists to submit images for the opportunity to exhibit their work in a group  exhibition. All subject matter, styles and techniques are welcome.
Submission Deadline: Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 4 pm.
Exhibition Dates: in Calgary, from late August to mid October, 2017 and in Edmonton, from mid October to the end of November, 2017. Actual exhibition dates TBA. The work will be exhibited at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary (South) and Edmonton (North). Exhibiting artists will receive an artist fee.