Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fuck The Rejections

Even thou the dump family and dump children photographs have been rejected at 10+ galleries/museums, I need to keep trying to get the work seen. Even thou all those curators and judges have said NO to the images and don't give a shit about telling their stories, I need to keep trying to get the children and the families of the Mae Sot dump story told. I will not give up, their important lives have to be recognized, fuck the curators and fuck the juries who turned them down.

The images will be seen!! 

I will continue to submit the work, continue to photograph in the dump and will soon make a doc film on their lives. Gallery, Jury, and Curator indifference is not going to stop me, fuck them all. They are all fuckin wrong for ignoring these lives. They may make me angry as this blog attests to, but they are not going to break my spirit or drive to get this done. What is happening in the dump is too important, these stories will be told, now or later but they will be told!

Here is a general google search on Gerry Yaum + Children + Mae Sot Dump, found these photos, all taken since 2013. Whenever I do these searches I find photos I had forgotten about. It is nice to post them again at the top of the blog.

Update* Seeing these photos once again is inspiring me to put aside the documentary film training for a while and get back into the darkroom to do some printing. That is basically the job of this blog, to keep me thinking, to get me finding new ways to express myself through the work and to allow me to see imagery that will inspire me to get off my lazy ass and work harder.