Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bought me 2-256GB SDXC Cards

Picked up 2-256GB SDXC cards made by PNY Technologies off B&H photo for $79.99 USD a card. I wanted to get quality cards as I will be using and reusing these 2 cards inside my Zoom F4 field sound recorder. There are all kinds of versions of SD (SDXC) cards on Ebay, which are good? which are not? I figured it was safer to pay more and buy from a reputable seller like B&H. The Zoom F4 has 2 SD card slots so I will place these to 256GB cards there.

I should be able to use these cards to complete the entire project. Will transfer the files daily to the computer I will be using to edit the project. Will also transfer all files to a back up hard drive. Organizing everything will be difficult but oh so important. I will have to figure out a system, possibly by date created and file number.

I will be recording 2 mics with the recorder but 4 tracks. 2 of the tracks will be set at a lower gain level in case my subject yells out. I will have 2 sources for the final edit which should help prevent the signal from peaking/crashing out (or whatever the term is!).

Note* Supposedly each card sold at a $40 USD discount.
Update** Been thinking  that since I have 256GB of storage on these cards I will; not have to back them up on a daily basis, maybe every 3 or 4 days thou that could could be a bit dangerous. I wonder how man wave files will fit on a 256GB card? How many hours of recordings?
PNY 256GB SD Card