Monday, December 19, 2016

The Canon 24-105mm Lens Has Arrived

I got my Canon 24-105mm F4 lens with image stabilizer today. The lens looks in mint condition. I got it for $56 cheaper than the lens Larry was going to sell me. This one thou does not have a filter or bag with it. I will have to scrounge up a 77mm Hoya UV filter for it somewhere.  I am probably better off buying this one, having saved the $56.

The lens is about the same weight as my 24-70mm F2.8 but is significantly smaller, both the lens and the lens hood looks 30% smaller. The main reason I bought this thing is to use the image stabilization feature which my other lens does not have. I can do run and gun shooting now on the rig. In the dump and following Fred S around I expect to be doing lots of running about.

I tried attaching the follow focus the lens existing focusing ring knob grip and it seems to work fine. That means I will have to use the accessory attachment knob grip ring thingy (how is that for a description!). With this lens on the camera and without the accessory knob grip, this whole gear set up looks more streamlined and less pro-large-expensive (potentially scary looking for my subjects). I am quite happy with it all. It was extra money spent yet again but the smallness, the image stabilization and the extra focal length (105mm) are all good things.

I will give the lens a test run this week when I do some talking head interviews with mom. I plan to use my Asian set up idea, 2 cameras with different head compositions, the Rode boom mic over the talent, a Lavalier mic on myself and the Zoom f4 sound recorder. Will edit everything in my HP Notebook and Premiere Pro when and if it arrives!! The damn thing is still stuck in Kentucky.