Sunday, December 4, 2016

Close My Website?

Been thinking over the last few years whether I should close my amateur looking website It is not super expensive to run but not sure how beneficial it is to have any more. I just got a notice for payment of $128 CAD for the site. Should I pay it or let the site go down? I also have to pay for the domain name, that's another $100 or so. With so many free sites like Wix and with this blog do I also need the site? If I had a pro level page there it might be worth keeping but everything is so out of date and I see to be no closer to fixing it up then I was years ago. I would lose my email but not sure how important that is. It is more pro looking then but I also get a ton of spam mail at that address, over 95% maybe 99% is spam crap and African con emails saying I won 10 million from a long lost friend.

I might be better served by banking the money I waste on the website and email address and instead use the money for film or for next years dump donations. I guess I should check to see how many visitors the site generates but as of now I am thinking of letting it all expire. I could always start it up in a few years time, maybe when I retire from security and devote myself to my photography full time. Another option would be to shift the better looking Wix site to my domain name (not sure how to do that).
My Free Wix Site (Needs An Update As Well

Update* I think that is what I am going to do. I will let the old white background site go down and try and switch the site to