Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bought Me A Cheapo Camera Stabilizer

Bought a  hand held "Stabilizer Camera Motion Steadicam" (quite a name) tonight. This unit is one of those cheapo things coming no doubt out of some sweat shop in China. It is supposedly designed for a DSLR but I will try to use it with the lighter and smaller Black Magic Pocket Camera. Not sure this thing is any good or will work at all but it was $29.50 CAD with free shipping. I don't have much to lose but it might turn into an important video shooting accessory.

I see a shot where I am following people as they walk through the dump garbage, carrying heavy bags or just general walking. Often the kids coming home from school walk through the garbage dump. This could turn into a very valuable tool (assuming it works) if I do a story that follows the lives of a dump family. Instead of having jerky video following and tracking family members it could be much smoother video and easier to watch.

I am hoping the lighter and smaller Black Magic Pocket Camera will be handled by this unit more easily. A lighter gear set up will also make it easier on my forearm as using these units for extended periods can be a real PAIN IN THE ARM.