Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Follow Focus Has Arrived

The video camera rig gear continues to arrive. I received my Kamera follow focus (FF3) today and attached it to the P&C rig without too much issue. The follow focus seems to work quite well with a nice smooth geared action leading to sharp focus. I do not have my final lens on the unit (do not own it yet) and am currently testing the FF3 with my non image stabilized Canon 24-70 f2.8 lens. So far so good thou, will continue to test this thing in the coming days. The Kamera FF3 build seems solid, lets see how it holds together in the field. Focusing is way easier now than before, it is fast smooth and sensitive. Still waiting on the used Zacuto viewfinder. This close up magnified viewfinder working in combo with the Kamera follow focus should give great results. I should be able to focus quickly and accurately with this set up in the heat, humidity and general craziness of the dump.

Here is the link to the original bought me blog for this item: