Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Zacuto Z-Finder Pro Has Arrived

I got my Zacuto Z-Finder Viewfinder Pro today in the mail. The unit is in great condition and with the diopter I get a nice sharp image off the LCD screen. The Gorilla Plate V2 gives a snug fit to the Canon 5Ds LCD, with a rubber seal. This thing should work great for me. I am very happy with the build of this unit and the way it firmly attaches to my camera.

I will need to make an adaption to my video camera rig. I will go to one bar on the shoulder rest and shift everything to the right about 2 inches. This will allow me unfettered access to the viewfinder without my cheek and face touching the rig. Because I am going down to one tube to support the entire shoulder rest it is putting more strain on that remaining tube resulting in some twisting (no matter how much I tighten it). I will drill and add a screw to the front part of the shoulder rest tubing which should make it rock solid, just like the adapted front handles I drilled earlier.

Anyway, the camera rig continues to be adapted into a solid working appliance. I think it should work out great for me. I will have all the gear I need mounted to it and yet it will not look to intimidating (hopefully) or be to heavy or cumbersome. I need to be as sleek as I can when working in such a difficult environment as a 30C+ extremely humid and sunny garbage dump.

Update* I drilled and placed the screw in the rig. Everything is nice and solid now. Things are looking good!