Sunday, December 4, 2016

Video Rig Handle Problem Solved

I managed to solve my rig video handle moving problem. No matter how much I tightened my front handles on the P&C rig they moved on me. I decided the best way to stop the moving was not cork or sticky sandpaper but instead something a bit more radical and tough. I drilled holes through my cast metal rig and the aluminum tubing then placed a screw with nut through it and tightened it all up.

Now my rig is not quite as beautiful as before but way more functional. When I am in the dump shooting, when I have the rig loaded with gear I cannot afford twisting handles or peeling slipping cork. With the drilled holes and screws in place everything is pretty much rock solid. Will have to take some extra screws and such (toolkit?) as backups but it looks like that problem is solved. Gosh I am a rather lousy repair-builder dude but got that job done satisfactorily!

Am proud of myself :))!