Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bought Me A Rode Stereo Rycote Microphone

I bought a Rode stereo microphone to use on camera for the coming documentary. I chose the stereo mic because it will pickup 360 degree sounds including my own voice. I plan on using this mic connected directly to my Canon 5D Mark 3 which will improve sound greatly over the cameras built in microphone. I can use this sound to sync and or enhance sound from the shotgun and lavalier mics. This stereo "in camera" sound will be the least important of the microphones (I think!) but still serves an important overall contribution to good sound quality for the documentary.

I got the unit for $275 USD (plus shipping) as part of a bundle including a dead cat (wind jacket for the mic), a cord and a collapsible boom handle. I am thinking of carrying the boom with me in my sound bag so that at any moment I can attach the Rode Shotgun NDT-3 microphone and record growling dogs or garbage trucks or whatever strikes me as important. Possibly some singing or arguing done by different people at odd unexpected times. The boom poll is a nice bonus that should allow me to get in close to my subject, I hope it is not to big to carry with me.

Rode streo microphone bundle