Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 Voices Picture Submission Choices?

Been thinking of what I can submit for the 10 Voices submission/exhibition I wrote about earlier. Am going to submit work from the dump, I am determined to get the work seen no matter how many rejections I receive.

I never know which images to select, I have so many to choose from, so many that I feel are worthy to be exhibited. Maybe these 6 will work, did some google searches online and found them, have no idea at all where any of the negs are, buried somewhere. I can submit 3-6 photos, to the VAA judges. I want to submit 66 but 6 will have to do :(.

I would also like to include this photo of a sleeping child, and maybe the crying boy Chimeeko photo. Not sure I should include the shack/dog/dumpscape (first photo in this sequence) but thought it might help with context for the judges.