Thursday, December 8, 2016

Inspired And Excited By The Films Possibilities

I have been so consumed with buying and setting up the right gear, worrying about the costs along with learning how to do everything that I had forgotten the potential sheer joy of doing what I am planning to do. When I make still pictures the end result photograph you see in the fixer tray is the highest of highs for me. When you get that photo just right, when you tell that subjects story with power and strength, when know you "GOT IT!!". There is no better feeling in the entire world. That special moment in time while I gaze down that floating print is the best feeling I know or most likely will ever know.

Today with the Canon 5d Mark III camera on the rig and the follow focus mounted I did a few minutes of video. I talked and videotaped my subject in some beautiful warm light and it is now all recorded (with lousy sound, did not have the mics set up) and saved on my compact flash card. It was exciting to do that, it felt beautiful, inspiring. It was wonderful in a unique and different way.

When I get all by the buying and techno crap out of the way, I need to remember what this is all about. I will be telling an important story about valuable forgotten lives. I will be trying to bring these lives OUT for the world to see and understand. Trying to tell their important story, trying to inspire and compel change with my film. What is more beautiful than that? This is going to be great. Yes it is scary, yes it is new for me but gosh I am such a lucky person to have the opportunity to do this. Not only did I have the chance to make still images with the families but now I will also be able to record, edit and make a documentary film on their lives.

Great shit!! I am excited and inspired.

Note* Got a note from a person at work (am on my days off). Some more hats were dropped off at the security guardhouse, donated by a person I work with. I hope to put out another hat call before I leave to do the film. I am also thinking of asking for small toys (dolls, toy cars etc) to hand out to the children when I return. Last time there was such sheer joy and happiness with the kids when I gave out some used dolls, I hope to repeat that experience. Hope to bring a bit of happiness into the dump children's lives.

Here is a color and b/w version pic of Chimeeko one of the dump children.

Chmeeko the son of the bride and groom in the dump, digi photo, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016