Sunday, December 4, 2016

Learning To Set Up My Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

One of the advantages of being a night time security guard is you have time to play and learn while being paid. Tonight once again I am learning to become a film maker on YouTube, am concentrating on getting better sound. I have my Zoom F4 here at work along with the Rode NDT-2 shotgun mic and my Lavalier Sennheiser wireless mic system.  Spent the last while working on the best sounding setting for this combo of the sound recorder with the Lav receiver/transmitter. The best numbers I am getting seem to be:

- Zoom F4 channel #1 set at 30 gain, #2 (safe channel allowing for more headroom and peaking) at 20 gain.
- The Sennheiser receiver set at +6db and the transmitter at -12db.

I still have lots to learn and play with here, but I seem to be closing in on the settings I might be using in the dump with Fred. Here is the video that was helpful to me, thanks "Video Gear" Channel.
How To Set Up A Wireless Lav Microphone

Note* Part of the reason I log all this info on my online diary is so that if I later forget something or lose my notes I can still go online and search my blog for the information I need. It becomes sort of a personal tech info back up for me, also who knows it might help other people in their set ups.
Note** From what I have studied you want to have the recorder sound level set at about -12db for people speaking to allow plenty of headroom (louder speaking no red peaking). Am still not sure how to set -12db on my F4 recorder but learning more and more now, and that will come soon. My sound recording confidence is growing.

Update* This setting also seems to work quite well:
- Zoom F4 channel #1 set at 25 gain, #2 (safe channel allowing for more headroom and peaking) at 15 gain.
- The Sennheiser receiver set at 0db and the transmitter at -9db.