Saturday, December 10, 2016

Shopping For A Used PC

Am still shopping! Not sure where I am going to get all the money but am looking into buying a PC that I van totally devote to my documentary film project. I prefer Macs but they are so damn expensive, a new system with the standards I need might run upwards of $2000-3000 USD.  With a Mac I could use Final Cut Pro to edit video, a program I have used a bit before (dads funeral video) and prefer.

To save on costs I am looking to get a used PC with lots of RAM, a fast I7 quad processor and a big hard drive 750 GB to 2.5 TB (somewhere in that range). All this computer lingo gives me a headache!! If I can get a system for under $1000 CAD and then run Adobe Premiere in it (video editing software). It should work fine for me. Later on, in a few years I can buy another used unit to do 4K video. That is if I am still making movies then.

This sort of tech improves daily so buying state of the art is sort of a waste of money. I can buy used and good now, and make my movie then move on to other used computer systems and cameras later on.