Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bought Me A Metabones Speedbooster Leica R Adapter

I thought my spending was over for this movie project but as per usual I found something else to buy. I decided to get me a Black Magic Pocket Camera which is a high end pro level camera that is extremely small. The camera allows you to shoot in RAW format which can be worked on in post to create a 13 stop range type image.

I do not own one of those cameras yet but today I already bought an accessory for it. I got me a Metabones Leica R to micro four thirds mount speed booster adapter. This adapter will allow me to mount any of my 4 or 5 Lecia R lens to the Black Magic camera. With the Metabones Speedbooster you get a wider angle of view and about a stop increase in speed. My 35mm Leica R f2.8 lens will become a f2 when I mount it to the camera body-booster combo. I probably saved (depending on your point of view) over $160 USD on this buy, paying $220 (plus shipping and taxes).

I also plan to get some old style cheap C lens to use with the Black Magic Camera. Hope this is the right move! Basically I decided to buy this camera for 2 reasons. One, it shoots RAW video and, two, I can carry it 24/7. It is so small and so light I will have it always available in my pocket to shoot with. I can take it with me everytime I go out. I can even have it when I go to the dump with my film cameras and do not want to carry the heavy Canon 5D rig.

My Megagbones Booster Adapater for Lecia R lens