Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bought Me A 24-105mm Canon Lens

Finally!, unless I buy a laptop devoted to film editing my shopping for the documentary seems over. I bought the last piece today a MINT 24-105mm Canon F4 lens with "image stabilizer". After the sale with Larry fell through I searched on EBay for a while to find something comparable. I got a MINT lens with warranty from a seller (store) in Toronto, the cost was $644 CAD (including shipping and taxes). So it is basically Larry's lens minus the B&W filter (will have to settle for a Hoya). Without the filter I am saving $56 CAD, Larry wanted $700 for his.

So an OK decent deal, now I have the main lens I will use for the documentary. It might be the only lens I use to shoot the film. I chose this 24-105mm F4 because it is highly recommended online and has the image stabilization feature allowing for handheld work on my part. The combination of the video rig with this image stabilized lens should allow decent run and gun in the field. I might also try some post stabilizing effects for camera shake thou I am unsure how those will look (pixel-led?).

Canon 24-105mm F4 with image stabilizer