Thursday, December 29, 2016

Possible 6 Month Trip Gear List

Right now the 6 month trip looks like a real possibility. With the optimism I feel I thought I would make up my first projected gear list for a long 6 month trip. There is a lot of gear listed below, but 6 months is a LONG TIME.

Video Gear
- Canon 5D Mark 3, main video camera.
- Canon 5D Mark 2, backup camera and 2nd talking head interview camera.
- Black Magic Pocket Camera (still need to buy this) for general everyday, all the time RAW video shooting.
- Unknown C lens with adapter for the Black Magic camera.
- Rode boom mic.
- Rode stereo mic.
- Zoom F4 field sound recorder.
- HP EliteBook video editing computer.
- 2 external back up hard drives.
- Large Gitzo carbon fiber tripod.
- Small light weight generic Chinese carbon fibre tripod.
- Manfrotto video head.
- Leica R Metabone adapter.
- GoPro 2 camera with accessories.
-  Light source to shoot at night in the dump.
- P&C video rig with Zacuto viewfinder.
- SD and Compact Flash storage cards.
- Wireless Lav mic.
- Backup Zoom 1 Lav mic set up.
- A light cheap gryo steadycam device for the light Black Magic camera.
-A large collapsible reflector.
-Lighting of some kind to do the talking head interviews?
-Foldable grey card to get correct custom white balance.

Photography Gear
- 4x5 Speed Graphic with Aero-Ektar f2.5 (bokeh) lens.
- Banarama 4x5 with flash? (Bangkok at night series?)
- 2x Leica R 35mm bodies.
- 2 or 3 R 35mm Leica lens.Will use these lens for both 35mm film and for the Black Magic video camera.
- Rollieflex or Plaubel Makina medium format camera.
- 4x5, 120mm and 35mm Tri-x films.
- Small digi cameras, to create and hand out small freebie photos.