Thursday, December 8, 2016

Documentary Watching

I have started studying the work of great documentary film maker Errol Morris. A few years back independent of my filmmaker aspirations I watched two of his films, "The Fog of War" and the "Unknown Known". Last night I watched an amazing film made by Mr. Morris called "Mr. Death". Mr. Death ranks as one of the best documentaries films I have ever seen. It is a portrait of a man who at first seems to be a bit of a hero if a bit strange and eccentric by the movies end you come to dislike the man and what he represents, there is a sadness to his life and his desperate needs. You end up questioning your feelings from the front end of the movie.

Been watching docs of all kinds, have another 15 or so to go through from the library plus my large collection of unwatched DVD docs. I have many more Errol Morris films on order. As I watch the films I take notes on things I like, on ideas, on film making styles. Hopefully I can use some of what I see and learn in all these successful films in my own movie, homage like :))).