Monday, December 12, 2016

Email To Fred

Sent an email to Fred who works with the people in the dump. Fred is the fellow who does great work with the families and asked me in May to do a film. I have not spoken to him for over 4 months so decided to send him a note, here it is.

Hey Fred...

Gerry here in Canada, the fellow from MAY 2016. I spent a day together with you. We spoke of doing a documentary film. I thought I would update you on the progress. I am still in the process of arranging everything. I am trying to get some time off from work (a leave of 3+ months) so that I can stay in Thailand longer to get this done properly. I want to make a very good film and if I have more time we could do a better job together.

I am also getting together the gear needed to make good quality sound and video recordings as well as a editing program/computer to put it all together. I am following your advice and trying not to spend too much money as we have a great story to tell and that should be the focus. Anyway am getting stuff second hand so the costs of the gear are not be too high. I already own some of the needed tools so that also cuts way down on costs.

My hope is to come and spend lots of time, showing the work being done and telling an important story of the lives there and how the help is being given etc. We can discuss all the themes we need to tell in the film when I arrive back in Mae Sot.

I expect to return for an extended trip in 2017. I will give you all the details when I know them which should be within the next month or so.

Merry Christmas Fred, hope things are going good with you there.