Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Shooting Some Footage

Now that I have the lens I wanted mounted to the video rig I have started to shoot and experiment with the camera. So far so good, the image stabilizer seems to help the image shake somewhat and I like the longer focal length. I kind of miss shooting at f2.8, both for the extra light and for the shallower depth of field. I still have the option of using my 24-70 f2.8 lens if I want.

I decided to move the 5D camera body as far back on the P&C rig as I could manage. If the body is more centralized the overall weight on my forearms will be less. I wonder if I need to buy counter weights to help balance things a bit more. Not sure if it is worth the extra cost. For a simple round 1.5 kilo weight to hang of the back of the rig the cost is $88 CAD, what a ridiculously high price. Do I need it? Will it help? Give a steadier shot? Take some of the weight off my arms, distributing it better?

I have been trying not to buy anything else for this project. I need to save money. Not sure what to do.

Update: I played some footage shot tonight back on my 55 inch flat screen. I recorded everything in 1080p (cannot do 4K yet) and it looks damn good. The shake seems to be minimum and the clarity and sharpness pretty good. I am quite pleased.